Sunday, October 13, 2013

9,5M Groton Trail Race

Exciting race with a group of four pressing the pace, banking turns, and scrambling hills. The weather held out being in the 50s with gray skies.

Finish was in 1:08:19 good for 4th in the age group and 10th overall.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

30K Masters PR: Nahant 30K

The Nahant 30K hills are relentless! Runners experience a vast number of turns, up, down, out and back until a final two mile reprieve to the, oh so flat, causeway. The last two miles are without an easy stride as a pummeling battle had erupted on the legs and body.

Wondering why I stopped running on the course? I wish it was to admire the beautiful views! Both shoes tied too tight, especially the left. After 10+ miles of racing hills it became unbearable. Too bad as this was after several real good miles of smooth pacing with a stalwart BAA masters, oh well.

The road to continuing endurance lives as this race served a survival testament without glaring residual damage. Thank goodness!

B.A.A. race report:

Classic Look: Really had enough of this race!
 Race Video (I'll need to run faster):