Monday, February 06, 2017

Amazing Race 2017

Discover eight charges in the shortest amount of time - some only a one word clue! This being my first go at it; turned out exciting even though our team finished second to last. Placement aside, the camaraderie and challenge were enough to try another. Here is what our foursome accomplished in 47 minutes:

1. “Clue was Spike,” we first went to the athletic field thinking football given the time of year. Wrong, there was a Frisbee activity set up. Quickly we adjusted and ran over to the volleyball court – after five successful serves over the net our passport was signed and a new clue in hand.

2. Clue for this charge? I forget, my job was to keep the passport and ensure collecting signatures. We ran another three minutes or so to the second-floor gymnasium, start of the race, and all of us did touch and go’s across the length of the basketball court.

3. Bowling – I think we only needed one strike. Really needed to calm the heart rate as the sprinting between stations got the blood pumping fast. – I bowled a strike after the fourth ball.

4. Yoga poses, a total of four by all members. Very familiar and ‘easy,’ did raise a few looks as we sped through the gym in our ‘Amazing Race’ shirts to do yoga.

5. Fun times on this charge as we just needed to pop three balloons in an inflatable bouncy house.

6. Next to the gym and sink three 3-point baskets – I think I scored two of them.

7. Wasn’t quite prepared to get wet but two of us had to move a paddleboard across the length of the Olympic sized pool and back. Wish I hadn’t kept my wallet in my pocket as it got soaked.

8. Climbing wall – our female member scaled to the top like a spider. Awesome display of strength and ability.

9. Frisbee golf throw, strategized by having one person retrieve misses, plenty of them, while we made five baskets. This was challenging given the distance and crosswinds. The volunteer said we did exceptionally better than all the other teams.

10. Finish back at the gym.

Total distance? 3-4 miles, mostly up tempo with a high heart rate.  Good times for sure and to win would take a bit of luck by starting or finishing at the gym with the first or last charge to save transition time. Thank you to NavyMWRBahrain for hosting!

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